About Me & Our Story…

Hi, I’m Seona.  A wife and a mother to 3 children we created and 2 children we foster -4 boys and a girl in the middle.  I am currently in my early to mid forties.

My husband and I became foster carers to 2 young boys in July 2013.  They were placed in our care at the age of almost 3 and almost 5 after being in care for two years, and the expectation is that they will remain in our care until they are 18.

The three children that we created were 11, 14 and 17 at the time of placement and becoming a family that fosters is something that we all agreed on together.

I’m a Senior Quality Assurance Manager for a medical device company and work full-time there.  I also run my own crochet design business and write a couple of other blogs as well as this one.  My husband works night shift for a logistics warehouse.  Our eldest two have finished school and our daughter is in her final years of high school.  The youngest two are still in primary school.

We live in a suburb of Perth Western Australia and are carers through the Department of Child Protection and Fostering Services.  We chose not to join an agency so that we did not have to go through a “middle person”.  Each state in Australia has it’s own department and own set of rules that it is governed by – something that I would love to change one day.

I discovered therapeutic parenting a few years ago in an attempt to try and manage our children’s behaviour better.  I took a few mini on-line courses through the Inspired Training group in the UK and the teachings helped us with our boys.  I am now starting their Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting in an attempt to learn even more and to be able to move towards helping other foster carers in their journey.

I hope to be able to help other carers.  Even if it is only by sharing my voice so that you know that you’re not alone as a fellow foster carer.

I hope that you will follow me on this blog and feel free to share your comments and feelings if anything relates or if you need some guidance yourself.

Seona xx


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