He got the star of the week…

Something that I never thought I would see, our eldest won his classroom’s star of the week award.

I am generally against reward programs, especially for traumatised kids, as it generates all sorts of behaviour and control issues.  But it was nice to see him make an extra effort for his first week back at school and come out the other end triumphant!

He won the star of the week for “making great choices and using honesty, kindness and compassion in the classroom”.  We didn’t make too big a deal out of it, but acknowledged it and gave praise for his efforts.

He seemed to be torn between feeling proud and wanting to destroy it so we have placed it on the fridge to show him that it was an achievement that is ok to feel proud of.

Seona x


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I'm me. I'm also a wife and mother. I sometimes have the urge to write and that's when I add to this blog. I seem to have this natural ability to lead and inspire others. I have no idea why, but it is what it is. I am now working on me and trying to further develop the leader that is in me. Feel free to join me on my journey when the need to write overcomes me and I make a post...

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