He tried…

Every morning I check the pockets of our eldest boy before we head to school. It doesn’t mean I always catch what is in there, but it increases my chances. A couple of times this last week I have felt the need to also check our youngest boy’s pockets too.

This is how it went one morning when I asked to check our youngest’s pockets.

“My pockets are zipped up so there is nothing in them.”

“Show me your pockets anyway please”

So he makes a dramatic show of unzipping one pocket and pulling it all the way out to display no contents. He then makes a half attempt to show the next pocket and zips it back up.

So I say “Let me check them now too please.”

Imagine my surprise then when I reach into the second pocket he “showed” me and find a ring that doesn’t belong to him. 🙄

“** put it in my pocket.” He says, naming his older brother.

Possibly true as they have been colluding together often and using one to smuggle things for the other.

“Well”, I say, “Even if he did put it in your pocket, you could have made the choice to take it back out and place it on the table”.

And this is just one reason why I need to be on alert so often and have learned to not be triggered so much by stealing.

It’s an almost every day occurrence.

Seona x


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I'm me. I'm also a wife and mother. I sometimes have the urge to write and that's when I add to this blog. I seem to have this natural ability to lead and inspire others. I have no idea why, but it is what it is. I am now working on me and trying to further develop the leader that is in me. Feel free to join me on my journey when the need to write overcomes me and I make a post...

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