Just keeping on…

I’ve been remiss in making posts. It’s been a case of being tired and feeling like we’ve been experiencing the same behaviours over and over.

It’s also school holidays, and they’re almost over!

For the most part the holidays seem to have gone well.

Or maybe I’m too tired to really notice? I feel like I should be more involved with them during the holidays, but I’ve been relying on other members of the family to be there for them. I’ve done my bit to keep the normal routines as normal as possible, getting them to where they need to be on the days they need to be there and playing damage control on behaviours.

They did see their older sisters too. That was less eventful than it usually is when arranged by the department. I think mostly because I asked to be there this time because last time a person that was unknown to them came and picked them up. And I found out afterwards that the girl’s carer was allowed to be there but that option has never been extended to me. The boys are usually in a heightened state when they get home, but this time they were quite calm, so I will do what I can to be there in future.

Other than that we’ve seen the usual defiance, some crafty stealing, playing up during the night and plenty of nonsense chatter.

All the fun stuff really.

Seona x


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I'm me. I'm also a wife and mother. I sometimes have the urge to write and that's when I add to this blog. I seem to have this natural ability to lead and inspire others. I have no idea why, but it is what it is. I am now working on me and trying to further develop the leader that is in me. Feel free to join me on my journey when the need to write overcomes me and I make a post...

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